How To Write Effective Job Posts (27 FREE Awesome Tricks That Work)

Article by : Sean Falconer, Proven.
Posted on : 18 October 2018
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1. Put the Role in the Title
 “your job listing will only show if the title or description contains the exact terms the candidate typed into the search box.”

2. Use the Most Common Terms to Specify the Role
“Don’t reinvent the role… You’ll be setting yourself up for failure. Head over to Google’s Keyword Planning tool and enter all the possibilities into the tool to check the search volume.” (refer to point 1)

3. Make Sure to Properly Space Your Title
“space makes the titles more readable… the reader… move onto something that’s more easily digestible… some job boards will consider “Assistant/Office” as a single search term rather than as two independent words.”

4. Use Keywords
“it’s essential that you do a little “keyword stuffing” into your job description to help make it more findable.”

5. Have an Innovative Title
“four times as many people will see your job title versus your job body. If you can’t get the maximum clicks to your job, then you are missing out on a ton of potential candidates.”

Administrative Assistant Needed! Design Background A Major Plus!
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6. Keep Your Title Under 60 Characters
“Job titles between 50 and 60 characters outperform others by 30-40%!!On Google, the limit for a viewable title is about 60 characters”

7. Put Parentheses (i.e. Brackets) in Your Title
“adding brackets to your title has been shown to increase your click-through-rate (CTR)… it’s an effective means to make your title stand apart from the crowd.”

8. Avoid Using ALL CAPS
“It feels like the job is yelling at the candidate… all capital lettering is inherently difficult to read.slows down the reader and makes the words harder to process.”

9. Try Stating the Salary Range
“helps set expectations with candidates… attractive salary, candidates will work even harder to impress you in order to get the job.”

10. Present Your Description in a Logical Order
“typical web reader will only read 20% of content and job seekers spend an average of 30 seconds on each job post…start with the most important information… most people won’t read much more”

11. Chunk Your Content
“most potential applicants are going to be reading your description on their computer or mobile phone…Bullet points are an easy way to chunk your content to make it faster to scan” 

12. Talk to the Job Ad Reader Like a Person
“generic language…It’s a real turn off…You want the job seeker to feel motivated and inspired to work for you… By making your ad more personal”

13. Add Personality
“you want your job description to also stand apart…injecting some personality into the description will help candidates feel inspired to apply…Many of the people we interviewed said they felt compelled to apply due to our description because it was so much fun.”

14. Showcase Your Culture
“79% of employees care more about company perks than an increased salary…attract better candidates that match your company’s culture. A desirable culture will also make candidates work harder to impress you during the hiring process.”

15. Bold and Italics Are Your Friend
“using bold and italics to draw attention to their main point for years. Bolding parts of text helps enhance the scannability of the content…make it as easy as possible and use bold where appropriate to draw their eye.”

16. People Love Lists
“Lists help:
– draw the reader’s eye
– help break up content
– and like a short book chapter, they keep the reader reading
…don’t overuse bullet points. A list of 3 to 7 items is great, but 100 is a monstrosity.”

17. Make Every Word Count
“The average time a job seeker spends on a job ad is 49.7 seconds. That’s roughly enough time to read about 150 words…the optimal length for a job description is 381 words”

18. Add an Image
content with images is simply more engaging. Articles with images lead to more shares, more comments, and they rank better on Google. Also, researchers have found that visuals help increase the willingness of a reader to continue to read by 80%”

19. Include Video
“With a simple one to two-minute video, you can easily convey ten times the information to potential candidates than you can with text… YouTube is the second most popular search engine. Having your video hosted there is a great way for potential candidates to discover your company.”

20. Try an Innovative Design
“unique or innovative design is another fantastic approach to capture people’s attention.”

21. Advertise on Social Media
“Many of the best candidates already have jobs and are not actively seeking positions. However, if you can grab their attention with a well-placed ad on social media, you might be able to entice them to try something new.”

22. Leverage on Platforms to Reach Millennials
“a great place to reach a younger audience if that suits the type of position you are hiring for…a great way for interested interns to demonstrate not only their interest in the position but also their creativity.”

23. Try a Physical Job Ad
“If you have the budget” 

24. Reduce Application Friction
“Applicant Tracking System (ATS) form into the application process will reduce your applicant flow from 40-60%…If there’s an alternative job advertisement where a candidate can simply email their their resume, they are going to choose that job over the one with the extra steps every single time.”

25. Respond Quickly
“response time is one of the most important criteria…Good candidates are going to keep applying to other jobs and take other job interviews…It’s better to over-communicate than to leave someone guessing.”

26. Use Your Fans to Help You Recruit
“83% of all job seekers being active on Facebook. These are huge numbers and you can take advantage”

27. Stay Ahead of Your Competitors with Mobile
hiring apps, you can cut down on your response time to engaged candidates by setting up interviews and responding on the go. You can even post jobs directly from your phone.”

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