11 hiring process best practices to improve recruitment

Article by : Eric St-Jean, Search HR Sorftware
Posted on : 21 Mar 2019
Full Article : https://hbr.org/2020/06/will-the-pandemic-push-knowledge-work-into-the-gig-economy

Streamline Processes
“remove any that do not add value… redundant approvals, automating steps with software or updating steps to make them more effective.”

Use Tracking Systems
“automate manual processes, centralize information about jobs and candidates, and send reminders and notifications.”

Communication More
“Showing candidates that you appreciate them and respect their time will not only reflect positively on the recruiter but also on the company”

Use AI
“AI can review and summarize more data than can reasonably be done by a person, providing a more detailed overview of your top candidates.”

Train Your Recruiters
“Training can help prevent new hires from asking harmful questions and risking the reputation of the organization…avoid bias is also important so hiring managers understand how to avoid it.”

Market Your Company
“your organization needs to stand out from the crowd…highlights your organizational culture and truly explains what it’s like to work for the organization.”

Plan Your Time
“Avoid the temptation to switch from one task to the next as requests come in. You’ll accomplish more by focusing on each task separately”

Stay Aligned with Hiring Managers
“Proactive communication and timely updates can build trust with hiring managers and provide the opportunity to recalibrate at any time”

Quality Not Quantity
“You also want to ensure you are hiring the right people…pre-screening call to ask preliminary fit and technical questions… Once you’ve narrowed down your list of candidates”

Competencies, Not Just Skills
“candidates that match your culture and values… a continuous learning mentality rather than…narrowly defined skills… allow you to move them to new positions as needed, but a new hire with a more narrow skill set may be less agile when it comes to company change”.

Use HRM System
“streamlines the new hire process for the candidate, HR, the hiring manager… offers you an opportunity to share information about your company, the team and details about the role consistently.”

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