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Per Hiring Post
View Applicant's Profile
Track Application
Online Training
Job Scheduler
Time Clock
Performance Review
Auto Payroll

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Per Employee Account
Limited Location / Job
View Applicant's Profile
Track Application
Online Training

Job Scheduler
Time Clock
Performance Review
Auto Payroll Tabulation

Expensive to scale

1,000+ Job Seekers And Growing

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Core Features

All the tools you need in one awesome platform

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Hiring the Right One

Open Position Posting
Post your open positions and Jiffy will notify potential job seekers. Job creators will be able to review Job Seeker’s past job ratings (No more over-promised CVs and job experiences) and profiles to make the best hiring decision.

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Online Training

Self-learning and Knowledge Library
24/7 access to knowledge needed for the job allows Job Seekers to learn and master the topic at their own pace. Access to knowledge anytime anywhere is the new power.

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Availability Matching

Keep You Up-to-Date on Job Seekers’ Schedule
Having instant access on Job Seekers’ work availability (No more manually tracking) allows for a better and more efficient planning of upcoming jobs and duties.

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Managing Job made Easy

Creating and Scheduling Jobs
Your job opening can be both request by job seekers or assigned by you. It works both ways.

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Always On-Time On-Target

Geo-locate and Photo ID Time Clock
Peace of mind on Job Seekers' punctuality and prevents buddy clock-in (No more paying for phantom work hours). Ensure payroll accuracy with reliable clock-in system.

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No more #FOMO. Keep Everyone Updated
Changes and updates on Job Details are inevitable. No worries, jiffy will notify Job Seekers on every change you made so they are always in the loop.

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Ratings & Review

Check and Balance on Performance
We rate and review services like rides, food, hotels, and even movies. Why not the quality of work from Job Seekers? Let’s give the credit where it's due (No more unaccountable job performance).

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Automated tabulation, faster with higher accuracy
Instant tabulation once the Job is completed. Say "Good Bye" to the days where you spend countless hours on manually tabulating job costing and payment.

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Mobile App

For Job Seekers

  1. 1
    Set Your Availability

    Be the master of your time.
    Schedule when to work with your Jiffy planner.

  2. 2
    Request the Jobs

    Choose from a list of jobs available that matches your interest and talent.

  3. 3
    Complete the Job

    Start and End the job by using the Time Clock in your Jiffy planner.

  4. 4
    Get Paid

    Complete the task in the job and get paid.

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